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About Me

I am Marek. Also known as Luinthoron on most of the Internet and Saji on IRC.

What else? I was born on 28. January 1980, live in Estonia and, if the name didn't for some reason give this away, am male.

Currently I'm mostly busy working as a translator. You can also quite often find me on IRC, doing QC for some fansub groups, although with the increased RL workload my involvement has declined these days. As for specific groups, dead or alive, I have worked or am working for Menclave, Yoroshiku, Monokage, Orphan, and Frostii, and also on single projects for ANBU and ray=out. Scanlation adventures have so far been limited to providing Waratte! Sotomura-san raws for Wonderland Translations.

About my family? I have parents. Exactly two of them, actually. Probably not so surprising. I also have three sisters and a brother, all of them younger than me.

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